hey can you post a link yo your screen shots site? and do you have ep3 shots yet? i want this one part at the end to be my screen saver!!!

sorry! we don’t have a screenshots site anymore. I’m sure somewhere else on the internet there are screenshots tho!

If Nightwing, Superboy and Miss Martian aren't part of the leaguers.. what are they? (This sounds dumb now that I've typed it out)

i think they’re still part of the young justice team, but in a sort of mentor role as well as being part of the team occasionally.

Do you guys know anything about season 2?, I mean in the beginning we see Robin and Batman, but after that we are looking at the future of the league and that screws my mind. What happened?, how and why did it got to that?, what happened to the relationship between Miss Martian and Superboy?

we know as much as any of you guys! They revealed something in today’s episode, so I assume they’ll reveal everything in due time :)

You guys really need to update more. I get all my news from other sources now D:

yup we know. actually speaking of updating, all the mods are actually not as invested as we were a year ago in this fandom, or the show for that matter, which means we’ll probably recruiting and asking for some people to update this for us, or to just take over all together. not sure yet, we’re still in the process of figuring things out. but for the mean time we’ll try to update, if not, sorry!

Hi there - I recently tried to visit your screencaps site, but it no longer exists... is it going to come back online or are you done with that? Just wondering :)

we no longer had the time to maintain the forum or the screencaps site, so we took it offline. So if anyone else wants to pick that up, feel free :)

OMG you did not just make a reference to tortall, the books about Alanna are my fave!!! I just re read all of them :).

i’m just reblogging stuff haha, but that fanart was personally nostalgic to me XD