i just have to ask, is any else annoyed at megans godmodding? and it's like instead of deeloping all the rest of the characters superboy and her's realtionship is the main focus of the show. just wondering how everyone else feels about this.

No. None of us here feel that her being the powerhouse of the team is of annoyance. We have always considered her a powerful team member and had a feeling that her true potential would be seen later on. Martian Manhunter’s comment about her powers exceeding even his, to be honest, does not make her seem godlike, it just means that there is so much more to Miss M than what we are shown.

I’m not sure what you mean about Superboy and her’s relationship. Because if anything, I thought Superboy continously going, “It’s what Superman would do.” was more of an individual development for him as a character. It was a great development too because lately Superboy has been pretty angrrreh so it was nice to see him help out the civilians a lot. In addition to that, Artemis has gotten a great amount of development (“Homefront” being the prime example), so it’s not just Supes and Miss M’s relationship.

Also we don’t usually do this, but the M’gann hate from the fandom is too ridiculous. Well actually it’s always been ridiculous, but for some reason, after last night’s episode it just exploded.

Just a few weeks ago we read from a few people that she’s “weak” and needs to “train” more if she’s always having to be saved from one of the guys. News flash: Miss Martian does almost all of the work for the team. Besides providing transportation via her bioship (which is clearly linked to her biologically, d-oh— so every time it is hit, she feels it) she also continuously without flaw connects the team and links them together to communicate. She keeps the team together, in fact she’s kept them alive on multiple occasions. Need I remind some people that she felt Wally drowning and immediately ran to him to save him. Just recently she’s saved Artemis. She has jeopardized herself time and time again, not only by using invisibility to try and pass through enemies, but also by doing a shit-ton more than the other guys. She has always gotten caught and injured because of it, but again, she does it because she’s the only one who can. If sometimes she is being saved, that doesn’t make her weak. It just means it’s about damn time the other guys have done something too.

But now that it’s been shown that she’s so much more powerful than what people thought she would be, she’s considered to be godmodding? And what’s more, a Mary Sue? Wait— weren’t people just complaining about her being weak? Fandom, pick one. Because right now, we can’t even with your ignorance.

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